Justice Systems Major

As a justice systems major at Truman, you discover how to navigate the components that make up the justice systems while learning the basics of criminal justice: law enforcement, criminal law and the courts, corrections, and criminology.

Truman also offers a justice systems minor and a forensic science minor.

Small Classes and Supportive Learning Environment

When you pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in justice systems at Truman, you join a community of extremely bright and motivated students — the perfect setting for honing your critical-thinking, problem-solving, writing, and presentation skills. With around 35 students in your largest class, you develop strong relationships with your peers and get to know your professors who are available to guide you and mentor you.

Mock Trial Team

View sample program for justice system degree requirements.

Learning Opportunities Outside the Classroom

At Truman, you can design and implement research ventures that match your interests. And you get hands-on experience through study abroad and internships — some of the best internship opportunities can be found in your hometown police department, county medical examiner’s office, prosecuting attorney’s office, juvenile centers, and drug rehabilitation centers.

Expand your network by joining student organizations such as our Mock Trial Team and Pre-Law Club. Or join Lambda Alpha Epsilon and compete in academic, physical agility, crime scene investigations, and marksmanship competitions.


Our Graduates Succeed

Truman’s justice system program provides a strong foundation for successful employment or further education, such as law school. Our graduates often pursue careers in juvenile justice, probation and parole, social work and law enforcement at the local, state and federal levels. Over the past few years, our graduates have entered:

• graduate or law school, 40%

• the workforce, 60%

TruCare Offers Opportunity to ServeTruCare Offers Opportunity to Serve

February 19, 2018

Designed as a way for alumni and friends to share in the spirit of the Big Event, TruCare allows anyone with a Truman affiliation to count service hours completed from March 1 through midnight April 1 as part of a cumulative total.

Student Philanthropy Council Sponsors Student Giving CampaignStudent Philanthropy Council Sponsors Student Giving Campaign

February 19, 2018

Three student-run crowdfunding campaigns will be featured in a competition for match money from alumna donor Colleen Ritchie ('84).

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