Outstanding Students

Outstanding Students in Economics

When you’re fueled by the desire to excel in everything you do, you can turn your intellectual pursuits and emotional connections into action.  Congratulations to the following students who deserve special recognition for embracing the challenge of making the most of their college experience and achieving success.

1985Susan A. Plassmeyer
1986Richard Wayne McVeigh
1987Kevin Philip Nason
1988Peggy Ann Langewisch
1989Elizabeth Dunne
1990Charley A. Bacon
Elizabeth Dunne
1991Beth Ziegenmier
1992Scott A. Jenkins
Laura S. Wind
1993Denise Mankell
Bryan Bacon
1994Andrew Hendren
Nemr Kanafani
Mei-Ching (Nicki) Kao
1995Kenneth Schiermeyer
1996Janaki Jayawardena
1997Blake Ahrens
1998Polina Vlasenko
1999Maria A. Carrasco
Robert J. Stilley III
2000Todor Stavrev
2001Daniel Cadoff
Donald Wray
2002Kelly Billings
Yoto Yotov
2003Matthew Brooker
2004Abigail Doriani
Shawn Doyle
2005Morgan Ditch
2006Casey Copeland
2007Joshua Cannon
2008Justin Junkel
2009Michael Merritt
2010Benjamin Anderson
Timothy Ryan
2011John W. Schneider
2012Michael Dial
2013Kun Zhang
2014Brian Cheah
2015Hope Benefield