About Economics Departmental Honors

Departmental Honors

Recipients for Departmental Honors must meet the following qualifications.  Departmental honorees are noted in the commencement program and the honor is recorded on their transcript.

1. An overall Truman GPA of 3.65.

2. A GPA in the major of 3.75.

3. Leadership and pursuit of knowledge out of the classroom demonstrated by evidence in at least two of the following four categories

a.   Presentation of research at an organized conference, such as Truman’s Student Research Conference, the TruScholars Research Symposium, a regional economics conference, or the National Conference on Undergraduate Research, etc.

b.   Publication of research in an acceptable refereed outlet, such as specialized undergraduate economics journals or the Proceedings of The National Conference on Undergraduate Research.

c.   A significant off-campus learning experience, such as an economics-focused study abroad or university sanctioned internship (generally this will be an experience of at least one semester / 12 hours).

d.   Demonstrated excellence in a university activity, such as forensics or athletics, or in a university or community organization or activity.

4. Approval by the economics faculty.

A student who anticipates meeting these standards by the end of her/his final semester may apply with the understanding that honors designation is contingent upon attaining them.  With their application for departmental honors students must submit supporting evidence related to how they would satisfy at least two of the four areas under criteria 3.  The deadlines for submitting the application and all required materials are as follows:

Spring semester graduates:  end of the tenth week of class

Summer semester graduates:  end of the fourth week of class

Fall semester graduates:  end of the tenth week of class