Master’s in Leadership: Program Description

As a graduate student in Truman’s Master of Arts in Leadership program, you will develop higher levels of leadership potential through increased knowledge and understanding of personal and organizational leadership.

Personalize Your Experience

Through experiential learning including simulations, case studies, and internships, you will apply learning from core courses and will progress from the study of leadership to its application and practice. In addition, you will develop a specialization area to further your knowledge and understanding in your own chosen area of focus to advance your personal leadership goals.

Pursue Leadership Expertise

Many people who have earned a baccalaureate degree find themselves wanting to think more intentionally about how to work in and with organizations to advance professional and personal goals. Perhaps you are contemplating a change in career, wanting to add an emphasis to prior professional credentials and experiences. Or you realize that to really excel in your career choice, you need to acquire a greater understanding of how to lead and navigate organizations and how to build successful relations within and among organizations. Our Master of Arts in Leadership Program supports all these learning objectives.

Become an Effective Leader

No matter what your specific career goals are, organizational and personal leadership is a vital dimension for your success. When you pursue a Master’s of Leadership at Truman, your learning experience will be enhanced by sharing perspectives with a diverse group of traditional and nontraditional peer learners from a variety of academic and professional backgrounds. Because of the connections they make as part of the Truman learning community, our graduates go on to pursue fulfilling, meaningful lives of influence.