ED 393

Master of Arts in Education: Preparation
Field Experiences
ED 393: Clinical Experiences in Teaching

Clinical Experiences in Teaching is a course designed to provide a basic readiness for teaching, preliminary to the Management of Instruction course. ED 393 is an introduction to “what to teach and how to teach” with three articulated components—seminar, clinicals, and field experience. The field experience component of ED 393 provides students the opportunity to explore the microsociety of the classroom composed of teacher, students, and content within the context of the school and community. Students are generally placed in one classroom with one mentor teacher. Routines and procedures are derived from the research base of reflective practice which leads to effective teaching. University students have already completed ED 388. They are ready to become more involved in assisting the teacher and working with students in the classroom. In clinical experiences, the preservice students are required to accumulate a minimum of 45 clock hours. This course is a pre-requisite to Management of Instruction, ED XX608.

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