ED 388

Master of Arts in Education Preparation: Field Experience
ED 388 Exploratory Field Experiences Seminar

The purpose of the exploratory field experience course in the MAE program is to provide a common core of baseline field experiences upon which to build subsequent clinical experiences. The objectives of these observations are to enable the student to begin to view him/herself as a future professional educator; understand the complex nature, structure, variety, culture, and organizational climate of the school in the education of youth; gain realistic experience in interacting with students and teachers in a variety of actual classroom settings; make an informal decision concerning the selection of teaching as a career; make a preliminary decision concerning a preferred age group and subject area specialty for teaching; develop classroom observational skills; and become more aware of students with varying disabilities, different socio-economic backgrounds, and diverse ethnic or cultural backgrounds. This course is a pre-requisite to Clinical Experiences in Teaching, ED 393.