MAE: Mathematics Education

Master of Arts in Education: Specialty Area Requirements

Secondary Mathematics

  • A candidate must have or be completing an undergraduate degree in mathematics equivalent to the mathematics major requirements at Truman.
  • A candidate’s certification GPA (all mathematics, statistics, and computer science courses included) must be at least a 2.75 with at least a 3.0 GPA preferred.
  • Candidates must have earned a C or better in MATH 363 College Geometry (or its equivalent) and have passed either MATH 455 History of Mathematics I or MATH 456 History of Mathematics II (or the equivalent.)
  • Candidates must have significant, pre-professional teaching experiences including some of the following:  tutoring, grading, substitute teaching, attending professional conferences, and/or working with adolescents in summer programs.
  • Candidates seeking to complete a full-year internship should have most of the above experiences.
  • A candidate’s letters of recommendation must address the candidate’s potential to succeed in graduate-level mathematics classes as well as qualities related to teaching.
  • A candidate’s personal statement should include a discussion of the required experiences.
  • Candidates must demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and disposition for teaching and may be interviewed.
Joe Milliano 2 2016

Truman State University prides itself on both its academic reputation as well as its affordable accessibility. These qualities are what drove me to Truman. I knew that I would receive a top-quality liberal arts education without plummeting far into student debt.

Joe M., Mathematics & Physics Double Major