About the Chemistry Department

School of Science and Mathematics: Chemistry Department

The chemistry program at Truman State University is committed to producing liberally educated and critical-thinking chemists capable of functioning as professionals. This active learning community challenges and supports students with a multitude of opportunities for unforgettable discovery. The diverse and dedicated faculty nurture students while at the same time pushing them to excel.

Academic Programs

The Chemistry Department offers the Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry with programs in professional chemistry, pre-allopathic and pre-osteopathic medicine, and pre-pharmacy. The bachelor’s degree in chemistry combines a strong liberal arts component with an American Chemical Society (ACS) accredited professional program. Graduates of Truman’s chemistry program who meet ACS requirements are eligible for certification to the Society.

The Chemistry Curricula Formula for Success

The chemistry program consists of two basic segments: lecture and laboratory experiences. Students receive a formal presentation in the lecture component while the laboratory portion allows students to conduct “hands-on” experimental work and gain the knowledge necessary to develop confidence and competence in the lab. Students plan and conduct experiments, complete experimental records, synthesize and characterize organic and inorganic compounds, perform accurate quantitative measurements using modern instruments, analyze data, assess the reliability of results, and draw reasonable conclusions. This provides excellent preparation for their next professional experience.

An Ongoing Focus on Intellectual and Professional Development

An important component of the chemistry curriculum is the ongoing emphasis on academic success and professional development. Each year, students participate in a seminar course designed to promote success in the major and develop skills necessary for professional success.

Way to go Truman alums!

August 25, 2016

Out of 822 schools in the Carnegie classifications of Master’s/Comprehensive I, Master’s/Comprehensive II, Baccalaureate/Liberal Arts I, Baccalaureate/Liberal Arts II, Truman State University graduates earned the largest number of chemistry Ph.D. degrees between 2003-2012. —National Science Foundation CASPAR database relating to origins of Ph.D. graduates in Chemistry/Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education (2016)

The Fall 2014 Semester is here!

August 19, 2014

The beginning of fall brings new faces to the chemistry department! We welcome the 65 new Truman students who have declared Chemistry as a major! We hope you find your experience in the chemistry program both rewarding and challenging and look forward to getting to know you! We also welcome two new faculty members. Dr. […]

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