Art Dept Scholarship Application

Application Requirements

Digital portfolios only (website portfolio, CD or DVD – will not be returned) – NO SLIDES

Portfolios must contain one work demonstrating the use of color, and one still life from life (not copied from a photograph). Six examples maximum. CD/DVD submission parameters: Save electronic files as .jpg’s at an approximate physical size of 5 inches (360 pixels) by 7 inches (504 pixels) at 72 ppi resolution – Maximum image quality – no jpg compression. Include a readme.txt file with a list and description of the six examples.

Example: Name, Title, Media and Dimension of work. Submit electronic files on a CD/DVD labeled with your name or a website link.  CD/DVD submissions will not be returned.

Art History
Candidates anticipating a major in Art History may present a portfolio containing examples of research and writing skills. A writing portfolio should consist of not more than three (3) essays, one of which must represent related writing in art. Portfolios of writing may also be supplemented by three electronic image files (jpg’s – same specs as above) of studio work. Submit hard copy printouts of essays and include essays in Word (.doc) format, along with optional .jpg image files on a CD.

Application deadline and timeline

February 16, 2018 – submission of applications

February 28, 2018 – review of applications

March 20, 2018- official announcement of scholarship awards

June 1, 2018 – confirmation of acceptance of scholarship

The application process for Art Department Scholarships is open only to incoming freshmen or transfer students.

Scholarship amount: $500 for one academic year ($250 per semester).


  • High school graduates and transfer students with artistic aptitude who plan to pursue a degree in Art History, Studio Art or Graphic Design at Truman State University are eligible.
  • All art scholarship recipients must be a degree seeking art major.
  • All art scholarships recipients must be enrolled as a full-time student for the academic year.

Enrollment Status:*

Have you been accepted to the university?*
Will  you major in Art at Truman?*
Online Portfolio submission guidelines:
File formats: jpg or pdf
Color Mode: RGB
Resolution: 72 ppi
Size: 360 x 504 pixels or 5 x 7 inches
Compression: Maximum

Include a .txt file with a list and description of the six examples.
List: Name, Media and Dimension of the work.

Online Art History submissions:
File Formats: .txt or .doc (Word)*

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