Biology Vision Statement


Approved by Biology Faculty on 24 October, 2008

  • Our primary responsibility is to our students and their learning.  As such, we will continue to provide an educational experience and curriculum in which we:
    • imbue the scientific process including critical thinking and analysis into our instructional framework;
    • create a stimulating environment that facilitates intellectual growth of students;
    • provide students with the time and freedom to experience ‘powerful pedagogies’ such as research, service-learning, study abroad, and internships;
    • encourage students to be advocates for science and the scientific approach to learning.

Faculty will be provided time, resources, and compensation to willingly engage students in these meaningful educational experiences.

  • We will continue to require excellence in all three faculty responsibilities (teaching, scholarship, and service), while acknowledging and preserving strengths of individual faculty members.  We recognize the importance of career-long faculty development and sharing of ‘best practices’ as means to attain excellence in faculty responsibilities.
  • We will be an engaged, reflective, and functional faculty for departmental deliberation and decision-making.  We will provide solutions to departmental issues using a democratic process, while respecting the opinions, training, and experiences of our colleagues.
  • We will nurture and support relationships with Departmental alumni.  We will acknowledge their accomplishments, their career development, and their important role as advocates for our department.
  • We will provide a supportive, respectful and nurturing environment wherein faculty, staff, and students can be life-long learners, exhibit a strong sense of biophilia, and practice the interdisciplinary nature of contemporary biology within the liberal arts mission of Truman State University.
  • We will strive to increase student retention and enrollment within the Department, with commensurate increases in fully engaged faculty to accommodate our growing number of majors.  We recognize and affirm the importance of cultural, philosophical and racial diversity among our students and faculty.