Expectations & Responsibilities

International Friends: Expectations & Responsibilities

What International Friends Does Expect:

  1. Initiate contact with students on a regular basis.
  2. Get together with your student for an event or activity (approximately once a month).
  3. Contact the Center for International Students with any questions or concerns.
  4. Respect your student’s religion, beliefs, values, and customs, accepting cultural diversity.
  5. Be committed to a cross-cultural friendship.
  6. Commit to at least one semester.
  7. Have fun!

What International Friends Does NOT Expect:

  1. Housing your student at any time.
  2. Providing financial assistance to students at any time.
  3. Providing academic or immigration advising at any time

The atmosphere at Truman is warm. People here are friendly and are willing to help you whenever you need it. Also, there are plenty of organizations available to help international students to make new friends, understand new cultures, and enjoy life in America.

Anh Duc M., Mathematics & Economics, Vietnam